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Safe, simple, legally binding electronic signature systems

Finger vein


Remote signing

AliasLab ID Sign is a suite of digital signature technologies and solutions, proven through over two million transaction per year since 2012. At its heart is the capability of uniquely linking each signature to the signer with the highest degree of certainty. This is accomplished by using unique biometric “signatures" (either finger vein or handwritten signature) or their mobile phone as a secure token.

  • Legally binding thanks to eIDAS certification
  • Biometric authentication of author
  • User-friendly, high accurate devices
  • Popular with customers and operators
  • Essential for safe remote signing
  • Essential for paperless operations
  • Sign anytime, anywhere

Finger vein biometric technology is demonstrably more accurate and reliable than fingerprint (which varies surprisingly depending on body temperature, dryness of the skin and more). Tablets for recording biometric handwritten signatures measure multiple variables many times per second. These include the pressure applied at each point, angle and overall speed. The technology incorporates a sophisticated understanding of human variability so that, for example, a visually perfect replication would fail. Both technologies are highly popular with customers, who find them quick and easy to use and welcome the combination of simplicity and security.

Once enrolled, customers and AliasLab clients can use the devices to sign all documents digitally and automatically send copies to the customer and the company’s own back office operations.

For further information, please call Aldo Lo Castro today on 0207 859 4612.

Lottomatica - part of International Game Technology PLC - uses ID Sign to simplify dealings with its 80,000 resellers.
17,000 UnipolSai signature points are used for signing over one million insurance contracts every month.

Remote signing

ID Sign also enables secure remote signing, using different devices plus separate channel, off-band authentication, for safety with simplicity. Remote signing allows users to safely sign any document from wherever they are, and at any time, without the constraints of being tied to a physical location.

Please see Strong Authentication and Safe, 24 hour self authentication
for more about these technologies.

Legally binding thanks to eIDAS compliance

The AliasLab digital signature system is certified as a Qualified Signature Creation Device according to:

  • Art. 51 eIDASRegulation UE Nr. 910/2014
  • Art. 3, Par.4 -Annex III D.E. 1993/93 / EC
  • Art. 29, par.1 eIDASRegulation UE Nr. 910/2014
  • Art. 39, par.1 eIDASRegulation UE Nr. 910/2014
  • Art. 3, Par.1, Par.2, Par.3, Par.4 -Annex II D.E. 1993/93 / EC
  • Conformity Certificate: A-SIT-VIG-17-083

This means that contracts signed using the AliasLab system are regarded as the equal of contracts signed with pen and paper across all EU countries and, in practice, world wide.

Find out more

To find out more about how AliasLab's biometric, legally binding electronic signature systems can improve your customer experience and transform your on-boarding and everyday business processes, please contact our Head of R&D and UK lead executive, Aldo Lo Castro.

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